We develop multi-functional designs for financial markets.
Based on Deutsche Bank evaluation, cryptocurrency demand keeps growing up and till 2030 it will fully replace paper money. We absolutly agree with the forecast, therefore we are currently focusing on trade and investment projects for crypto industry.

Our team has a great experience on financial wounds, we deliver great products thanks to the team of experiences software developers, traders, analysts.
Our project
BestFinex - our key project since 2015. It's a multifunctional analytical trading platform based on the integration of market data of a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges.
BestFinex allows you to carry out trading operations between different exchanges within the same trading system. That's why we have the best prices in the market for traders and a more efficient business model for partners.
BestFinex concept
System accounts and balances on all connected exchanges.
All accounts managed in automatic or semi-automatic mode. BestFinex partners get a more profitable business model (comparing with the conventional exchanges), extended by market making and arbitrage profit, additionally to conventional trading fee.
The consolidated orderbook.
Including orders from a large amount of exchanges and allowing trading on different exchanges within one system as if they were a single exchange. BestFinex traders get the best market prices, based on the integration of multiple orderbooks into consolidated orderbook, having the biggest market depth in the market.
Watch the video about BestFinex
There are 255 cryptocurrency exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap.
Cryptocurrency exchanges average daily volume: $16 B.
The amount of verified cryptocurrency users has reached 68 million, which is twice more than in 2017. These figures are growing every day. Watch the video to know BestFinex perspectives at the fast growing cryptocurrency market.
BestFinex System
Arbitrage Module Demo
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